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From the first taste, you know it’s different.

Our approach to coffee is based on the neighborhood we serve. We believe everyone has had coffee, but they have never had coffee like this. A customer might not be able to explain the intricacies, tasting notes, or terroir of a particular coffee, but they know it’s better than any coffee they’ve tasted.

At our café, you can expect to find killer customer service in a no-nonsense kind of way. We focus on the ingredients, craftsmanship, and a natural homegrown space that has plenty of outlets. Our menu is chocked full of signature drinks based on seasonality that you will find at only a handful of espresso bars across the country. All our coffees are prepared meticulously with quality and consistency in mind.

Coffee, Etc

We could go into all the minute details of how we measure doses and yields, test for extractions with refractometers, and talk about all the cutting edge tools and equipment we use, but we’ll simply say coffee isn’t just coffee when you come to Roast.

We don’t grow coffee. We don’t source coffee. We don’t roast coffee. Our focus is 100% on brewing and serving delicious coffees. That’s why we’ve developed a process for diligently dialing in our coffee to create consistent, repeatable, and beautiful results. We keep an open mind and try new things so you can have ever better coffee.



Four Barrel Coffee

San Francisco, CA


From: Ethiopia

Tasting Notes:
Bergamot, lavender, elderflower, chrysanthemum, raspberries

La Ilusión

From: Nicaragua

Tasting Notes:
Cucumber, hibiscus, honey cakes, nutmeg, peach, sweet cream


From: Rwanda

Tasting Notes:
Coconut, pomegranate, raspberry chocolate cakes, white peaches


12oz 16oz
White Mocha$3.75$4.25
Euro Cappa
A traditional 8oz cappaccino
Espresso cut with milk
Iced Coffee$2.50$3
Café au Lait$2.50$2.75


12oz 16oz
Rishi Tea$2.50 
Hot Chocolate$2.50$3
Blended orange drink
Real Fruit Smoothies
Strawberry/Banana -OR- Pineapple/Mango


12oz 16oz
Caramel and white chocolate mocha
Maple Nut Latte
Real Wisconsin maple with a touch of hazelnut
Cafe Miel
Shot of espresso mixed with honey and topped with cinnamon-infused milk
Black Label Mocha
A Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate mocha laced with aniseseed for a sweet, warm, aromatic mocha
Winter Spiced Latte
A blend of Indian spices, vanilla and honey paired perfectly with milk and espresso
Cardamom & Clove
The floral and herbal qualities of cardamom harmonizes with clove for a complex latte
Chai Charger
Chai with a shot of espresso
Choco Chai
Chai with Ghirardelli chocolate
Apple Chaider
Chai with apple juice


Food. Nourishment. Whatever you want to call it. It’s safe to say we have some baller food. Whether it’s a delicious breakfast sandwich like the Radio Milwaukee, Four One Four, or GGOOLLDD or a lunch sandwich like the Huge Bob and The Hustle, Testa Rosa, or WebsterX, they’re all named after Milwaukee bands and made fresh to order.


Radio Milwaukee

Toasted bagel with dill cream cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers


Four One Four

Cheddar cheese, bacon, and egg on a toasted bagel



Egg, cheddar cheese, and tomatoes on a toasted bagel



Toasted bagel with egg, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, green peppers, red onions with chipotle cream cheese


Yogurt, Fruit, and Granola

I think you get the idea



Hugh Bob and the Hustle

A baller BLT with cheddar cheese and a garlic aioli spread



Ham club with bacon, swiss cheese, red onions, tomatoes, field greens, finished with a smoked dijonaise sauce



Classic turkey sandwich with tomatoes, field greens, and chipotle cream cheese


Testa Rosa

Goo-ie grilled cheese with tomatoes and a cup of tomato bisque soup


Vic & Gab

Homemade cilantro hummus with tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, carrots, and field greens



Quality ingredients are the heart of creating great drinks. We try to source as much locally as possible because it’s more important to us to know who we’re buying from just as much as what we’re buying.

Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company has had our backs with amazing coffee since we opened in 2004.

The City Market delivers our bakery fresh daily.

Milk arrives from Sassy Cow Creamery free of rBGH and from cows with diets of pasture, alfalfa, corn, soybeans, and wheat.

Milwaukee’s own Rishi Tea provides our Organic Chai and amazing loose leaf teas.

Big fans of Braise Restaurant Supported Agriculture, where we source our local Wisconsin honey and maple syrup.

Beyond the Cafe


At the heart of Roast Coffee Catering is the desire to craft the best espresso based drinks through proper drink techniques and science. We do this at your location with commercial grade coffee equipment, highly trained baristas, and drinks served in ceramic cups.


Our Kiosk takes us to amazing locations as far east as Ocean City, Maryland. We serve coffee to the amazing concert fans of Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Zac Brown Band, Kiss, among others. We have perfected our catering service and have served clients like Cadillac, GE, Fidelity Investments, Runzheimer International.